We don’t make it easy for water. It might want to run off. But we can't let it. It simply has too much to do serving the Bílovice 519 complex. Like the rain falling upon roofs and paved areas. Instead of draining, this water is heading for our lake.

And that's where it plays three roles. Firstly, it forms the jewel of our complex because the entire lake and its surroundings are bursting with life. Secondly, it helps us with the irrigation of the adjacent fruit orchard. And thirdly, it is the primary source of fire water for the entire complex.

And another example. Even the water used in manufacturing will not drain too far off. We need it for rinsing jatoba, that high-quality tropical wood. As the water does its job, i.e. when it flushes out of the jatoba tannins, we'll save it in an underground tank. It will then be used for watering or maintenance of the premises. The fate of our product rinsing water follows a remarkably similar cycle. It will also wind up in above-ground tank, with the only difference that it first undergoes filtration.

We're holding it. And we're not releasing it all any time soon.