Waste heat and wood production scraps. This is what heat sources look like for the vast majority of Kovocité's production premises. Of course, savings – economic and environmental alike – are an incentive to invest in alternative heating methods. The idea rests upon not needlessly wasting too much money nor releasing carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2015, two new halls were put into service on the company premises in Bílovice. In total, they cover over 3,000 square meters, representing cca 75% of Kovocité's indoor production space. Heating here is provided by a modern biomass gasification boiler, which by its parameters falls into the most efficient 5th emission class. A computer controls its optimal operating conditions.

Wood scrap is used as a source of fuel. Everything first passes through the chipper and then is loaded into the boiler hopper. If weather conditions leave the boiler with an output reserve, it assists in auxiliary heating of the utility water storage tank.

There is another interesting heating source in one of the two older halls. It is a heat recovery unit that collects waste heat from compressors installed in the surface treatment operation. This makes the building entire self-sufficient in terms of its energy needs.

How do we heat? By what remains