A city emblem or company logo, but also a QR code. Our Gravograph LS100XP engraving laser can do all this. While this first capability increases the added value of our products, the second capability is the next step on the road to the Industry 4.0 concept.

The engraving laser of this category is designed for professional use. The working area is approximately 1.2 x 0.6 meters, it handles burning into wood, laminated plastic, anodized aluminum, glass and chemically treated metals. Crucial to the selection of this particular model was the ability to handle burning exceptionally fine QR codes. These can be used to trace information on who produced the product, how much time it spent producing it, for which order the product is intended, what color it will be, etc.

In the photos you can easily see the whole process, from data insertion to finalization. In this case, we are burning the Benešov city logo on its street furniture by mmcité1.

Burn! The engraving laser can even handle QR codes