we produce ideas

Incorporating design into the public space. It is in the DNA of all companies headquartered in the Bílovice 519 complex. Egoé kovo is the one breathing life into all the ideas. It ensures the preparation of series manufacture and its implementation, logistics and even assembly. We specialize in working with wood, metal and other materials.

we produce ideas


Everyone chooses what they want

Series manufacture thanks to efficiency yet retain the option of selection. That’s how we see it. So for one product we can alternatively use metal, pine, acacia or even tropical wood.

Railroads? We’re going with you

We're going to work with railroads. Such was the decision made years ago by the now well-established company mmcité +. And we joined them. What emerged from this were the first Bílovice railway platform awnings ferio and planum ...

The age of fabrics

The outdoor furniture Moja and Máj, or the modular pergola system Leva. These are different jobs, this time for the company Egoé Life, in which we love to engage. But all these lines were largely designed using fabrics. Something new for us.

A real challenge for the trunk

Sturdy yet light, functional yet simple. These are the Egoé Nest camping kits. How to reconcile these seemingly opposite requirements? It is one thing to invent everything on paper and struggle to make a prototype, and quite another to prepare everything for efficient serial production.